What exactly is PARADIGM?

You can find out more about PARADIGM 2018 on the “about us page. We have a full explanation there.

How do we register our team?

You can go to our “Registration”.We provide you link to the forms and rules & regulations.

How much is the registration fee?

  • Early Bid (7th August – 31st August) is IDR 210.000,- /team ($15)
  • Normal price (1st – 23rd September) is IDR 225.000/team ($16)


What to do after we fill out the form?

Our admin representative will contact you shortly via email and issue the invoice for the registration with your registration ID.

When is the latest period to pay for the registration invoice?

It will be closed in September 23rd 2018 at 23.59 WIB (GMT +7). Any payment recorded over the given period will be refunded partly (50%) and the participant will be disqualified.


Do PBCC finalists need to make 2 presentations or 1?

You need to make 2 presentations. One for your pre-case solving result which have to be exactly the same as your paper, and the other is for your final case solving presentation.

Do PBCC finalists need to make final case solving paper?

No, you don’t need to make it. You just need to make the presentation.

What do PTC finalists have to prepare for the main event?

You need to make a presentation from the marketing plan that you’ve created. Your presentation have to be in accordance of the marketing plan you have created.

Do PTC finalists have to make a presentation in english?

No, in fact, the PTC finalists are required to make a presentation in INDONESIAN and Indonesian only.

Can we change the presentation after we collect it?

Yes, you must collect it at max. 10 November 2018 by 23:59:59 WIB (GMT +7), but you can tell the competition division that you still need to change the presentation. And the change should be collected when you register for the seminar to our team.

Is there any booklet for us?

Yes, there is. We will send you the booklet via email after we announce the finalists.

Is the mentoring mandatory?

No, it’s up to you guys to do it. We just provide you the mentor so you can learn more from them.

When is the presentation order determined?

The presentation order is determined during your team re-registration.

Do we have to attend the event from the beginning?

All of the grand finalists are required to attend all the main event activities.

Do all finalists have to visit the village?

Yes, especially PTC finalists, so all of you can know the exact condition of the village.

Do we need to pay for accommodation for the main event?

Yes, you need to pay another IDR 100.000 per team and we provide everything else (hotel for 3 nights, transportation, and meals) for the main event. But, you also need to bring your money for personal purchase and transportation to and from Bandung to your city.

Should you have further questions, feel free to reach us at:

Email                           : publicrelation@paradigmunpad.com

Contact Person 1          : +62 878 82893506 (Natasia Afrilia)

Contact Person 2          : +62 877 80453698 (Carla Elisabeth)

And our Social Media:

Official Line Account : @ong5723t

Instagram  : @paradigm_unpad

Twitter  : @paradigm_unpad

Facebook  : Paradigm Unpad